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Information and Forms

Required Inspection Types (Detail) – View Page | PDF

Wisconsin Uniform Building Permit Application – Online | PDF

Note*: The WUB Permit Application must be download to your computer before it can be filled out and submitted.

Hudson Setbacks – PDF

Hudson Code Book – Link

Pool Requirements:

Town of Hudson – PDF

Town of Troy – PDF

Residential Decks Information Sheet – PDF

Uniform Dwelling Code


SPS 320 – Administration and enforcement – Link  PDF

SPS 321 – Construction standards – Link  PDF

SPS 322 – Energy conservation – Link  PDF

SPS 323 – Heating, ventilating and air conditioning – Link  PDF

SPS 324 – Electrical standards – Link  PDF

SPS 325 – Plumbing – Link  PDF

Appendix – Link  PDF

Uniform Dwelling Code – Frequently Asked Questions

Town of Hudson Setbacks


Dwellings and Attached Structures


Highway 35 —–> 150′ from center
Highway 12 —–> 150′ from center
County Roads —–> 133′ from center
Town Roads —–> 133′ from center
Subdivision Roads —–> 83′ from center


All Lot Lines —–> 25′
If rear lot line is a road use the same setback as above.


All Lot Lines —–> 10′ with 25′ between buildings
If side lot line is a road, use the same setbacks as above.

Auxiliary Buildings


Same as above


All lot lines —–> 3′
If rear lot line is a road, use road setback.


All lot lines —–> 3′
If side lot line a road, use road setback.

Energy Codes

Building Energy Code- Website 

Compliance Tools:
Residential – REScheck
Commercial – COMcheck

Energy Worksheet – MS Word | PDF

Energy Worksheet Example – MS Word | PDF